We believe risk management is as important as raw performance.  That is why we show you a measure of portfolio volatility (Standard Deviation) along with performance.  We encourage you to examine our complete performance data.

Lyon Capital Management

2018 Equity Returns

   10 years  
Mean Since Inception
Lyon Gross
-2.35% 13.93% 12.01% 14.61%
Lyon Net
-3.35% 12.93% 11.01% 14.61%
S&P 500 Index
-4.40% 13.63% 10.67% 17.72%
Russell 1000 Value Index
-8.27% 11.80% 10.35% 16.66%

All returns are through 12/31/2018 unless otherwise indicated. Gross performance results are presented after brokerage commissions and before management fees.  Net performance results are presented after deducting a 1% management fee in accordance with the firm’s fee schedule set forth in Part 2 of the firm’s Form ADV Brochure.  Your fees may be lower.

*Standard deviation (since inception) is one measure of portfolio volatility, or risk. A lower figure denotes lower volatility. Benchmark returns do not include brokerage commissions or management fees. Returns for periods more than 1 year are mean returns.

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