Lyon Capital Management's investment style is best described as value-contrarian.  Like some of history's greatest investors (Ben Graham, Warren Buffett, John Neff and John Templeton), we are patient long-term oriented managers. Investment research takes time. When done correctly it is painstaking, detailed work.  We are true investors, not "speculators." Once an investment is selected, it is likely we will hold it for a significant period of time. It can seem boring and tedious, even if the investment does well. Much of the time it feels like treading water.  But patience and discipline are our hallmark and the strategy has worked well for our clients for over 20 years.

Equity Investing at Lyon Capital Management: The goal of the stock portion of a portfolio is capital appreciation and income generation.  We invest in companies that are out of favor and undervalued.  They are substantial businesses with a proprietary product or competitive advantage…Click here to read more about our Equity Investing style.

Fixed Income Investing at Lyon Capital Management: The goal of the bond portion of a portfolio is capital preservation, income production and diversification.  We believe it is a losing game to try to predict interest rates so we structure the fixed income portion of a portfolio with a variety of instruments of staggered maturities...Click here to read more about our Fixed Income Investing style.

Adding Value and Reducing Risk: We view real estate and inflation hedges as separate asset classes that have the potential to increase portfolio value and at the same time lower portfolio volatility…Click here to read more about Adding Value and Reducing Risk.